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Born and raised on a farm in The Netherlands, I have always loved the outdoors. From a young age I always rode my bike to school, which is how I developed the basis of my endurance. During my Chemical Engineering studies, I picked up triathlon in 1994 and I’m addicted ever since. In 2000 I got a job as an engineer in the process industry. In the next 7 years I learned how to combine this with properly training for triathlons. I then turned professional in 2007 with a main focus on the Ironman distance. I have participated in more than 25 Ironman distance races (of which 4x in Hawaii) and achieved a personal best time of 8 hours 56 minutes at this distance. I ended my professional triathlon career in 2014 with a win at the ITU European Championships in my home country at the Challenge race in Almere. I am very grateful for all the experiences and lessons learnt during this exciting chapter in my life. I continue to participate in triathlons, just with a different focus now. In events like the Swissman, the Norseman and Inferno Triathlons, it is all about fully enjoying these special challenges for me. You can find more about my professional triathlon career on

Besides traveling all over the world during my sports career, I have build further international knowledge and experience. We (my husband and I) are both Dutch, have lived in France, the USA, Switzerland and do live in Scotland right now. This has formed me as a person, to adapt to different cultures, try to make the new place you live in your home again and much more. I must admit, this wasn’t easy all the time, but if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. This taught me to make the best out of each day given the circumstances. How can you be the best version of your self? Be it in daily life (healthy and happy) or in training for your next sports performance. I started to learn more about it and have completed many courses and additional education. My passion is to share my experience with you and coach you to find the best version of yourself, no matter if it is in triathlon, finding your healthy lifestyle or unlocking your full potential.

I can’t wait to meet you and together start the road towards that "new you"!

Kind regards, Heleen de Hooge - bij de Vaate

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