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As an CPC (Certified Professional Coach), Ironman certified coach, certified personal trainer, lifestyle coach and with my own experience,
I have quite a lot to offer:



1:1 Personal training

Training for a triathlon is not easy. You might have a busy job, a family which needs time and the desire to do your training sessions as well. Then it might be handy to have a coach who can help the time-crunched triathlete to fit in the sessions or help the ambitious triathlete with the perfect training plan to reach your goals.



Working towards a healthy and happy sustainable lifestyle

You see it everywhere nowadays, if you are healthy and fit, you will live longer and you are less susceptible to diseases. But it's not always easy to become and stay healthy and fit. With the help of a coach and an individual step by step approach we work towards a behavioral change which will help you for the rest of your life.



For expats who want to make the most of their time abroad

Living abroad as an expat (partner) can be overwhelming, maybe isolated or even an emotional rollercoaster. It's not always easy to express yourself in a foreign language, deal with and understand the new culture, finding a purpose in life and even connecting with new friends. But you can definitely make the best of this time abroad and use this time to really get to know yourself. As a coach I will be your partner to help you to make this time an unforgettable experience.

Services: Diensten
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