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Michael Bognar  (US)

When I first started working with Heleen my long runs were 5 miles, and even that was a struggle. I set a goal of finishing an Ironman the next year and in 2017 I finished as a middle of the pack age grouper. I was hooked on her personality, drive, and inspiring outlook on life. Unfortunately the next year she would move away from the United States to live back in Europe. We worked through Training Peaks and Facebook for the past 3 years, thousands of miles apart - way before "social distancing". Heleen has coached me every season since 2017 with tremendous results. She personally adjusts my training plans around my schedule for the week and we video chat regularly to fine tune how I feel. I have raced all distance triathlon, 100k ultramarathon, 55k cross country ski and multiple 140.6 Ironman - most recently finishing 10th in my age group! I have improved beyond my wildest dreams and we're still pushing the envelope. I am confident she will get me to Kona, a dream come true.

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