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W​orking towards a healthy and happy sustainable lifestyle


Who doesn't want to be happy? It's easier said then done. There can be many different reasons why you are not happy with yourself or with your current lifestyle. During an extensive intake interview we try to find the why behind your individual coaching question. What is your ultimate goal and how can we step by step change your habits to reach that healthy and happy sustainable lifestyle? Your own road to success is based on what inspires and motivates you, so if we work on that in a structural way, then you will get what you want!

How it works

  • We start with an intake (about 1 hour)

  • In bi-weekly sessions (online or in person) we start working towards your goal by changing your habits.

  • Nutrition, exercising, stress reduction and recovery are all part of the process to work towards the best version of yourself. We will work on your needs at that moment. I will help you to bring theory into practice.


  • Nutrition (balanced diet, weight loss or weight gain)​

  • Fitness and exercising (increasing strength, stamina)

  • Setting Goals

Education and coaching accomplishments

  • ​Certified Professional Coach (iPEC) 

  • Certified Health Coach | COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist (iPEC)

  • Lifestyle Coach (Academy for Lifestyle and Health)

  • Personal Trainer (Ace certified)

  • Fitness Instructor

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Lifestyle Coaching: Diensten
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